The smartwatch space is heating! So far, we’ve seen the Huawei Watch, the 2nd generation Moto 360, and even the Samsung Gear S2. All of them, naturally, are unique in their own specific way, but we have yet to see a true Android Wear smartwatch with cellular connectivity. Well, that’s until now, as the LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition is the first one running Android Wear that offers a truly untethered experience thanks to cellular connectivity.

We got the chance to check out a pre-production model during a private event, but despite being able to turn it on, it still seems like a promising addition to the ever growing smartwatch lineup. Gone is the elegance of the original LG Watch Urbane, replaced instead by this beefy sized smartwatch that doesn’t try to hide its girth. Playing around with it briefly, it feels like it’s meant for the outdoorsy type of person – those who want to take a hike, or do some climbing, but without the worry of having to bring their smartphone to stay connected.

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