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Dell launched a new range of enterprise security solutions that protect organizations from threats that can evolve almost every day. With a fresh approach to malware blocking and sandboxing capabilities, data security, as well as multi-factor authentication, customers have plenty of new products to be excited about.

Announced during the Dell World Conference the new security portfolio of the company includes: a new approach to detecting and blocking advanced persistent threats; expanded user security for cloud apps with multi-factor authentication; enhancements to the Dell Data Protection (DDP) suite of data security solutions; management and policy integration across Dell next-generation firewalls (NGFWs), the switch and wireless access point; and new application security services.

Faced with so many security challenges, businesses have adopted strategic approaches with their security investments. The tech world has become too complex for enterprises to function otherwise. Dell led a survey that showed strategic approaches improved since 2014, both in the US and Western Europe. Dell’s Global Technology Adoption Index (GTAI 2015) surveyed IT and business decision makers around the world, and discovered that since 2014, up to 10 percent more companies think of good strategic security as a competitive advantage.

The company mentioned in the official press release:

“Dell’s approach to security is based on simplicity, efficiency and compliance connectivity that tie together the siloed aspects of IT security into a modular and integrated solution capable of sharing insights and control across the organization. It also makes security simpler, so that business users can manage the rules and policies, and end users can easily comply.”

Network security solutions

One of the new additions to the security portfolio is Dell’s answer to advanced persistent threats (APTs):  SonicWALL APT Protection Service. Available on both firewalls and email security solutions, the SonicWALL scans files and quarantines potential malicious unknown files until it reaches a verdict. The great advantage of Dell’s addition is that this solution is built on multi-layered sandbox technologies that use both system emulation and virtualization techniques to detect more threats than the usual single engine solutions. It also leverages Dell’s cloud forensic platform – the SonicWall GRID, with access to real time analytics from over 500K connected NGFWs, according to the company. In other words, the customers get better effectiveness for less money.

The network security solutions was one of the (if not the) most consistent page in the new portfolio chapter unveiled at the Dell World Conference. Besides the preview of the impressive SonicWALL APT Protection Service, network security offerings also included a new integrated management of Dell Networking X-Series switches through the Dell SonicWALL firewall interface. This allows customers to manage and enforce security policies across their network security, switching, wireless and WAN acceleration from a single pane of glass. This reduces complexity, increases operational efficiency and ultimately leads to better network security for multi-unit deployments.

Another important addition presented at the conference was Dell’s improved SonicWALL Email Security with the addition of Cyren anti-virus signatures. According to the information released by the company, Dell Hosted Email Security and Email Security appliances and software running release 8.2 now feature best in class multi-layer AV protection including DELL SonicWALL GRID AV, McAfee AV, Kaspersy AV and Cyren AV.

Cloud access and security analytics

Cloud has become essential for most enterprises, therefore secure access to it is crucial. Dell One Identity Cloud Access Manager 8.1 is a safe access way not only for cloud-based applications, but for internal software as well. The 8.1 version added SaaS-based, multi-factor authentication via Defender as a Service, just to be extra-safe.

Dell’s very own Security Analytics Engine has also been expanded. CAM gathers information so that it can adapt and offer users context-aware, real-time security.

Data Security Solutions

Dell Security Solutions announced three new solutions to the Dell Data Protection (DDP) portfolio to ensure data is protected wherever your travels will take your business.

Dell Data Protection | Cloud Edition 2.0 – data encrypting with enterprise-class controls whenever your data travels. The latest version also encompasses Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive for Business in addition to Box and Dropbox.

Dell Data Protection | Server Encryption – comprehensive software encryption for Windows servers in branch or remote offices, including state and local government offices, retail outlets and law offices handling confidential client data.

Dell Data Protection | Endpoint Recovery – simple continuous backup for laptops, desktops, with an easy recovery process.

Clients deploying assets on Amazon Web Services (AWS) can now rely on Dell SecureWorks’ new on-demand Emergency Cyber Incident Response capability (ECIR). Together with AWS, Dell SecureWorks discovered a growing customer interest for on-demand incident response solutions. Growing production workloads means more risks. Dell SecureWorks’ Emergency Cyber Incident Response helps organizations investigate cyber incidents affecting their assets deployed on the AWS Cloud.

Last but not least, Dell AEGIS was also introduced. This remarkable tool helps enterprise customers identify and assess the vulnerabilities associated with a company’s mission-critical applications and take preventive measures.

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