We love Chromebooks. They’re fast, lightweight, provide a great web experience, and they’re so cheap you could leave them at the beach or drop them in the toilet and not worry. With everything saved online, the only thing you’d lose is whatever text you typed in the browser. And with some extensions these days, maybe not even that.

Acer’s been at the front of the Chromebook phenomenon, and we even called their Chromebook C720 i3 one of the top 12 in tech last year. But what if you made a Windows laptop that inexpensive? We already saw a good example in HP’s Stream 11 earlier this year running Windows 8.1, but how about Windows 10?

That’s what the Acer Aspire One Cloudbook promises to be, the first low-priced Windows 10 laptop on the market that’s worth the price. Starting at $170, with a free year of Office 365 (a $70 value), is the Cloudbook the fruitcake of laptops or can it make a home in your messenger bag?

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