Apple has been awarded a patent for an application it filed in 2013 for a curved screen. The interesting thing is that Apple’s patent not only covers a curved display like the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge, it also covers the ability to make the screen flexible. With such a display, Apple’s screen could show more content than a competitor’s screen, without having to increase its size. For example, Apple could fold the screen in a way that video or still images would appear to look as though they were coming from a continuous loop.

With the patent, Apple could make the iPhone a cylinder, a sphere, or whatever shape tickles Jony Ive’s fancy. In theory Apple could develop an iPhone made entirely of glass that could replace certain buttons with 3D Touch. Additionally, by making the screen flexible, Apple could put a second screen behind a first one in a manner that would create 3D images. We’ve seen 3D images and photography offered on smartphones before, like on the HTC EVO 3D and the LG Thrill 4G, but those phones used a different stereoscopic technique.

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