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Apple has just released its fiscal fourth quarter earnings report, and the number that everyone was waiting for was 48.04 million. That is the number of iPhone units that the company sold in the quarter. While higher than the 39.27 million iPhones sold in the same period last year, the number fell short of the 48.72 million units that Wall Street was looking for. Apple might get a pass on this however, because its new models, the Apple iPhone 6s and Apple iPhone 6s Plus, were sold for only two business days during the period.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said that 30% of iPhone buyers this past quarter were replacing an Android powered handset. Cook says that this is the highest rate of Android users who have switched to an iPhone. The current quarter could be tough for Apple, since it goes up against the record 74.5 million iPhones it sold during last year’s fiscal first quarter. But the executive notes that two-thirds of iPhone users are still sporting iPhone models with a screen smaller than the 4.7-inches first offered with the Apple iPhone 6 last year, allowing Cook to predict that iPhone sales will be higher in the current quarter than last year’s tremendous number.

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