We’ve seen both Motorola and HTC list which of its handsets will receive the Android 6.0 update. In the case of Motorola, it is quite an emotional matter as owners of certain models ended up disappointed to find out that their handsets are forever stuck on Android 5.1.

On LGWorld.com, a website that is run by the manufacturer, it was discovered that you can select a country, in this case the U.S., and are taken to a page where apps and games are listed. You then pick a phone and see which versions of Android are available for each handset. Interestingly, Android 6.0 was listed on two models.

According to LG, Android 6.0, also known as Marshmallow, will be headed to the LG G3 and the LG G4. One model not listed is the LG V10. The recently unveiled multimedia monster will launch with Android 5.1 pre-installed, and will be updated fairly quickly to Android 6.0.

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