Years ago, when smartphones weren’t quite as ubiquitous as they are today, industry analysts and researchers alike all agreed on one thing: it’s only a matter of time until mobile browsing overshadows surfing done on a desktop computer. Fast-forward to today, and we’re already past that point – smartphones are by far the most popular device to go on the internet through. It turns out that, much like cameras, the best browsing device is the one you have on your person at all times.

With the above in mind, learning that browser apps – like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and so on – are actually one of the most popular app category on Android’s Google Play Store shouldn’t surprise you. Indeed, when combined, just a dozen of these add up to some 2 billion installs.

So what’s the big deal? It’s simple – with browsing taking up a considerable part of our daily usage, it’s only natural that we want to have and make use of the very best available browser. Pinning that title to any one browser, however, is mighty tricky, as a whole bunch of factors are at play here – brute speed, navigational fluidity, feature set, privacy, and, of course, aesthetics. That’s why, for our our third annual in-depth Android browsers review, we decided to check off all these from the list.

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