Looking back just two years ago, candid observers would be remiss not to point out the incredible advancements of the Chinese smartphone industry. In the span of just a dozen (or two) months, tiny local manufacturers turned into superstars by rapidly closing the quality gap between their incomprehensibly cheap wares and those of well-established giants.

That gap, of course, hasn’t been bridged completely yet – both in reality and in the public’s mind. Indeed, breaking down the stereotype that everything made in China necessarily has to be of poor quality is a daunting challenge, especially since shoddy products still make up the majority of exports from the global foundry that is the Middle Kingdom. But if you leave it at just that, and refuse to look closely, you may be missing out on some truly great deals, and this is what this pick is all about – home-grown Chinese devices that offer outrageous value for the money.

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