We know the HTC One M9 looks stunning, but ultimately, its looks are ever so last year’s, aren’t they? Well, if you too think HTC should ditch its “make-an-iconic-look” ambitions for a substantial design refresh, have a look at this HTC One M10 concept envisioned by Jermaine at androidjs.org.

It makes the One M10 look exactly like a top-shelf Android smartphone could look in 2016, which means a unibody metal build with Gorilla Glass and HTC’s love for metal elements sprinkled on top. If HTC tried to make a product that looked a bit like the others – namely Apple and Samsung – without losing its identity in the ocean of copycats, this would be it!

Although we have to say, we aren’t very fond of the scratched aluminum look – gives out too much of a “plastic imitating metal” vibe, no? Regardless, it’s obvious that quite a bit of work went into this concept, so let’s appreciate the good ideas. We’re seeing a USB Type C jack on the bottom, right next to the 3.5mm jack.

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