What a time to be alive, friends! Last year, Apple blessed us with the best iPhone ever. And this year Samsung launched its most innovative smartphone yet, the Galaxy S6 edge. But which is better? We’ve already said many things about each, so we figured we’d take a step back and let you, our distinguished readership, have your say. We’ll sit down with the GS6 edge and the iPhone 6, examine their features and performance in the most important aspects, and ask you to vote for your favorite. Have your way, boys and girls!


The Galaxy S6 edge is a seriously attractive smartphone, but we don’t really think its eye-catching game boils down to its curved display. In fact, we consider the dual-edge screen merely as the icing of the cake, finishing off the original Galaxy S6’s elegant appearance with modern flowing contours. Moving onto the materials, lucky owners of the Galaxy S6 edge won’t be holding creaky plastic in their hands, but rather a decidedly premium blend of metal and glass.

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