On Sunday, we told you about a rumored new top-shelf handset reportedly being prepped by ZTE. The ZTE Nubia X8 is about as loaded as a phone gets with a 6-inch “bezel-less” screen, 1440 x 2560 resolution, 4GB of RAM (the LPDDR3 variety), and 32GB/64GB of native storage. There is a 64GB capacity microSD slot on board, and a massive 5120mAh battery is included.

Today, some more pictures of the phone have leaked, and according to these shots, the phone is also going to be equipped with a rear-facing fingerprint scanner. The handset also comes with an all-metal build. The alleged dimensions of the phone show a device just 7.9mm thick. The price you pay for such a large capacity battery is the 201 grams that the Nubia X8 supposedly weighs.

The original image of the phone was supposedly spotted on ZTE’s website before it was taken down. We’d like to see something more concrete from ZTE to show that this model is on the way. For the meantime, there is no harm in taking this with a grain of salt until some more confirmation is found.

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