July 29, 2018. I have decided to meet an old colleague of mine today. We’re going at the new eco-café. It’s the latest trend – coffee shops where you can have your coffee in this green capsules with grass under your feet and (of course) cats roaming around. The whole point is for you to get in touch with nature or whatever. It’s just another marketing trick if you ask me.

As I approach the coffee shop, this really clear sound starts buzzing behind me. I turn around and see my old colleague Matt just as he finished teleporting. “I can’t believe you have the new teleport app, with the Star Trek custom effect too”, I greet him amazed. “What can I say, it pays to be an Enterprise Architect”, he replies. I immediately start asking him about enterprise technology. He had me at Energize.

It seems that since 2015, the development of enterprise technology went through some changes. I asked Matt to explain them for me, so that my normal-sized brain could understand.

Enterprise architecture has become a must.

With almost 20 billion connected devices around the world in 2018, business structure has become mandatory. Can you imagine trying to find lost information in such an infinite amount of data? Even small businesses have some sort of information architecture these days. You would lose too much time and energy (a.k.a. money in the business world) without the right information structure.

It’s not about what you do anymore, it’s about how you do it.

The hype used to be about all the great things apps can do. Now it’s about finding the best way to interconnect all those apps in a way that can benefit your business. That’s why Enterprise Architects are the rock stars of the tech world. They need to be structured as well as excellent strategists. To connect and simplify processes for others, you must be capable to understand their complexity.

Long term planning is becoming irrelevant.

We all know the typical where do you see yourself in 5 years question. Because there are so many changes happening so fast, 5 years have become 2 years (in terms of planning). Any Enterprise Architect must be able to adapt and start a structure from scratch if needed. The tech world is evolving so fast that nobody can envision how a company’s activity would look 5 years from now. Almost every customer oriented company has designated task forces with the mission of anticipating or even launching new trends.

Next level Enterprise Architecture.

A few years ago, most companies had beginner level Enterprise Architects. One rather small team, focused on separate areas: security, storage, infrastructure etc. In 2018, we’re experiencing the Golden Era of Enterprise Architecture. Access to large amounts of online information made this giant leap possible. Once you start comparing different businesses and projects, your wisdom and experience start improving every day.

It was remarkable to find out how much of an exact science Enterprise Architecture has become. Everything is measurable, precise, and even predictable to a certain point.

Note: Some of the published content might be a little fictional.

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