Life is good for LG! After announcing its new flagship smartphone to much excitement and debate, the Korean company posted its earnings report for the first quarter of 2015. Between January and March, LG’s mobile business recorded its highest first-quarter revenues to date.

The reported sales revenue of $3.27 billion (KRW 3.6 trillion) is up 5% from last year. LG Mobile shipped 15.4 million smartphones, enjoying an increase of 26% from Q1 2014. North American sales grew by a good 66% over one year, while Korean sales grew by 57%.

LG points at the LG G Flex 2 as its Korean success story, and is optimistic about the new LG G4 strengthening its presence in the premium smartphone market during the second and third quarter. The company announced a 12 million global sales target for the LG G4, up 2 million from the LG G3’s 10 million units sold globally.

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