Just yesterday (April 28), LG unveiled its newest Android champion, the LG G4, that will wage war on the likes of Samsung, Apple, HTC, Sony, and the rest of its rivals. Apart from the slightly improved internals and the revamped design, the G4 is mostly similar to the G3 in a number of key areas.

The user interface one is among the departments that have received some love – the G4 comes with LG UX 4.0, the newest rendition of its user interface. With all major players on the market having unveiled their newest interface offerings, we decided to put LG’s newest UI against Samsung’s toned-down TouchWiz and HTC’s Sense 7 UI in a quick interface comparison.

The latter came out victorious in one of our recent comparisons, beating Samsung’s TouchWiz UI by a slight margin. Is it going to beat LG UX 4.0 as well? It remains to be seen. As usual, we will compare the UIs in a few key areas and ask you which is the winner in each one. Voting will be open until May 6.

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