A couple of weeks ago, iFixit got their hands on the Apple Watch for their usual teardown, finding it was very tightly packed and somewhat difficult to upgrade. iFixit is back this week with another teardown of a smartwatch, this time LG’s Watch Urbane, and their findings suggest this watch could be a lot more repairable.

The Watch Urbane is a round smartwatch, and iFixit found that it was using the same 245 PPI 320 x 320 P-OLED display as its brother, the G Watch R, which isn’t hugely surprising. However you’ll want to keep this display in pretty good condition, as if the protective glass cracks, it will be a pain to replace due to the way the display, digitizer and glass are glued together.

The rest of the watch is fairly easy to access. All of the critical components are located on the one motherboard, which includes a Snapdragon 400 SoC with 512 MB of SK Hynix DDR2, 4 GB of memory, and a range of sensors. Opening the Watch Urbane to access the motherboard does break the water resistant sealing, though, which will need to be replaced upon reconstruction.

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