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If you have a OnePlus One or other device running the latest version of Cyanogen OS 12, then chances are you know the “native” email client that came with the KitKat Lollipop based ROM is made by none other than Boxer. In addition to the email client, Boxer is also the outfit behind the calendar app found on the most recent skin from Cyanogen.

VMware is acquiring Boxer for an undisclosed amount of cash. There are a couple reasons why this is interesting. First, WMware is a subsidiary of EMC. Second, EMC is about to be acquired by Dell for the cool sum of $67 billion.

EMC is known for its storage area networking solutions. VMware is known for its cloud-based virtualization solutions that basically enable a desktop user environment without the machine needing an operating system (think a modern day mainframe with dummy terminals, except these terminals have all the functionality of a PC). Just about everyone knows what Dell is famous for, and with resources like that in the picture, Boxer’s outlook is very bright.

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