Since it’s Fall, this is the time of the year when we see fresh launches from Amazon, like the one of a new tablet for example. That’s why it doesn’t quite surprise me to see that there’s a fresh press render out there, portraying an upcoming 10 inch Kindle Fire tablet.

The source of the leak is the reliable @evleaks, aka Evan Blass. The renders show a flat front and back and an approach that feels more fit for an 8 inch or 7 inch model. The slate adopts a more angled design and a metal frame, from what we can see. There’s a rear camera in the mix and a Power key on the top edge from what we can see. If the renders are true and nothing has been altered, this time the software approach is pretty close to the stock one, compared to the previous models.

Previous devices from the Kindle Fire tablet series relied on a content-first approach, with flowing album covers, books and videos floating in the foreground. A new UI would certainly be welcomed by users, with the UI being one of the many drawbacks of Amazon hardware products over the past years. Rumors say that aside from this 10 inch tablet there will also be a $50 6 inch model coming in time for the holiday season.

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