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While some still harbor a blasé attitude to digital security, the mobile community does appear to be paying more attention in this regard. With so many well-documented hacks and leaks of private information, it pays to think twice before downloading a potentially malicious file, or using a very basic, easy-to-guess password. Still, even with less ignorance and more information, the fight against malware is an ongoing one that will never end completely, as some iOS users in China and Taiwan have recently discovered firsthand.

With Apple’s mobile OS being a walled garden, it’s sometimes perceived as a safe haven from malware, particularly when compared to close rival Android. But this assumption is simply incorrect, and a new piece of malware by the name of YiSpecter seems to have found its way into a number of Apple devices throughout Asia.

Cyber security firm Palo Alto Networks reports that once YiSpecter gets its claws in, it gets to causing all manner of havoc; spoofing stock apps with those downloaded while hijacking others to display ads. YiSpecter’s courtesies also extend to changing Safari’s default search engine, modify bookmarks and uploading certain device information without a user’s permission.

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