Yesterday brought an enormous round of patches from Microsoft: 14 security bulletins, 43 separately identified security holes, and hundreds of individual program updates. It’s still much too early to declare this month’s round of updates safe, of course, but I’ve only heard of a couple problems so far.

The Netlogon patch MS15-027/KB 3002657 — an “important” patch for all modern versions of Windows Server — appears to clobber Isilon OneFS. Microsoft has already posted a heads-up in KB 3002657:

SMB/SMB2/SMB3 clients may experience logon failures to an EMC Isilon cluster when they authenticate by using the NTLMSSP (NT LAN Manager Security Support Provider) provider. Data that resides on EMC Isilon clusters is unavailable to SMB/SMB2/SMB3 clients. This results in data unavailable (DU) failures. Authentication failures may also affect clients that try to access data through HTTP-based protocols such as RAN… To work around this issue, use the Kerberos protocol to authenticate Active Directory domain users.

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