When Apple announced the new MacBook, I agreed with Mashable’s European editor Stan Schroeder: It’s not for everyone. I like Apple computers, but I hate the new MacBook’s sharp corners and flat keys. But most importantly I am a speed freak and that fanless Intel Core M processor — power frugal as it is — just seems like an absolute joke. I mean, isn’t it?

So of course Samsung sent me the ATIV Book 9 with an even weaker processor. I chuckled when I opened it up and saw how little this 12-inch laptop was. Heck, the Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 Pro makes the Book 9 look bite-sized.

This itty bitty machine is my new favorite. It’s no workhorse, but damn it, this is 2015. We have cloud computing, high-speed Wi-Fi, and it’s high time that we get laptops that are so light we don’t even feel them in a bag. Because guess what? Low-power computing is in, and it works.

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