A new Kickstarter project named Magzet is promising to do for headphones what Apple’s MagSafe connector did for power cables. The two-part audio connector works with any standard 3.5mm jack to magnetically attach your headphones to your laptop, MP3 player, or smartphone. One half of the Magzet (the MagJack) fits over the jack on your headphones while the other (the MagKap) plugs directly into the audio port on your devices. These then snap together with magnets, meaning that any sudden movement disconnects the two halves, rather than sending your pricey gadgets crashing to the floor.

The product’s creators — Jon Hallsten and Jeff Russell — envision customers buying a set of MagJacks to plug into all their electronics. A single set of earphones or headphones can then be equipped with a MagKap, letting people switch quickly and easily between devices. This also reduces wear and tear on gadgets — your audio jacks are less likely to break if you’re not plugging and unplugging headphones everyday.

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