Whether we’re talking watches, expensive perfumes, jewelry, or even clothes, somebody out there (usually somewhere in Asia) is likely hard at work, churning out copies of it. With smartphones, we simply refer to them as clones, and believe it or not, they’re more common than you’d think.

Is manufacturing seemingly complicated high-end smartphones so easy? Not really, which is why most of these copies are usually inferior (sometimes, considerably so) to the real thing. Also, despite their different ‘brands’, they’re typically manufactured by a small number of factories that simply offer enterprising individuals the service of copying an established brand’s smartphones.

That said, there are a handful of smartphone clone companies that have persevered during the years, and can be still seen pushing hundreds of copies of even the very newest smartphones. These are the companies you should steer clear from, not least because the images they use for marketing their knockoffs are often those of the actual, real device.

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