Even though the Apple Watch needs to pair with an Apple iPhone 5 or later, it won’t automatically tell you how much battery life is on your iPhone. If you plan on keeping your handset in your pocket while taking advantage of all of the things that Apple’s intelligent timepiece can do, you are apt to lose track of how long you have until the cell inside your iPhone surrenders to the inevitable.

An app for the Apple Watch called Battery Monitor, created by a gentleman named Tom Etminan, will allow you to check your iPhone’s battery life after enabling it in Glances. To do that, after installing the Battery Monitor on your phone, go to the Apple Watch app on your iPhone and from there tap on My Watch > Glances, add Battery Monitor.

The app will warn you when the battery on your iPhone falls below a certain percentage, and will also tell you when the cell is fully charged. The animated ring employed by the app uses different colors depending on how much life remains. This way you can get the information you want with a quick glimpse.

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