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Looking to hit Google’s Android where it hurts, Microsoft announced today that the company will control software updates for the Windows 10 Mobile OS. The software giant is in the process of talking to the carriers about future updates. The plan is for the carriers to run their tests on Windows 10 Mobile updates, and then Microsoft will push them out. Besides the carriers, Microsoft will also rely on feedback from members of the Windows Insiders group to determine when a new update is ready to be sent out.

This is a bit different than the way Android updates are handled. After Google releases a new Android build, the carriers test it and then send it out themselves. With this method, Android users have to wait for each carrier to be satisfied before the update is disseminated. Since some carriers take longer to test updates than others, the result is an unbalanced process. Different owners of the same phone could have their handsets running on different builds of the same OS at the same time, depending on which carrier they subscribe to. It is this uneven experience that Microsoft is looking to avoid.

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